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Reduce the risk of check fraud so you can rest easy knowing every check presented is actually legitimate. This service makes sure your account is always protected.

With Positive Pay, we keep records of every check you write. When a check comes in for payment, we compare it to our records. If anything is suspicious, we hold it and notify you immediately, so you can tell us if we should approve it or not. With this service, you don't have to worry about forged checks affecting your accounts...or your credit.

  • Catch fraudulent activity before the money leaves your account
  • Automatically compares checks presented for payment to those in your in your check issued file
  • Get alerted when a mismatch occurs
  • You decide whether or not to approve the payment
  • Secure online portal
  • Enjoy increased peace of mind knowing your information is receiving increased security

We have the solution to your business challenge!