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Every dollar of your business should work as hard as you do. With an automated sweep, you can make sure that's happening. Keep the funds you need close by, and put the rest to work...without having to do a thing.

Set a balance on your target deposit account and we can automatically transfer those additional funds to a high yield deposit account until you need them. If your balance drops below your predetermined amount, we'll transfer the funds back. We can also link a line of credit to your account so you always have the funds you need.

  • Maximize earnings on idle funds
  • Optimize use of daily operating cash
  • Earn interest and/or link to a line of credit
  • Keep borrowing costs down
  • Target balance always maintained
  • Free automated daily transfers
  • Detailed statement of all transactions
  • Get centralized control of funds to invest extra cash

We have the solution to your business challenge!