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What They're Saying About Us...

Golden Pacific Bank employees participated in a community “2019 Best Places to Work in Sacramento” contest.  Based on a wide range of research-validated workplace factors, over 92% of total bank staff responding said that they are highly to moderately engaged and satisfied, willing to go above and beyond in their work, advocate for the organization, and intend to stay in the future.  Below is a random sampling of employee responses. 

"As a boutique community bank, the teamwork and level of expertise at all levels of the organization is exceptional. And I am proud to be part of a community bank that truly focuses on supporting and helping small businesses grow. In addition, GPB is very active in our local communities which reaffirms its role and commitment as a local community-based lender."

 "I am extremely proud of GPB and the achievements its made over the years and its contributions to the communities it serves. I look forward to coming to work everyday! I love community banking, but there is something very special and unique about a small bank that is so involved in the community and that wants to best serve its customers!"

"It is a small enough organization that everyone cares about and respects one another. Management and staff strive to do their best. It is a family-oriented shop and we have fun."

"I love the people that work with me, they all have helped me with a lot. My first time being with such a great team that not only are helpful but yet I see a future with this company. My managers have guided me and I know I'll get where I want to be in life. GPB is one of the greatest banks to start a career."

"It is almost a year since I joined this bank. Having worked for more than 42 years, in different parts of the world, I can honestly say I have never come across Management that is so humble and constantly encouraging towards me as well as my co-workers. I feel incredibly fortunate to be accepted at GPB."